There are many classifications of headaches, and with today’s stressful and sedentary lifestyle, most people will experience some form of headache on a weekly basis. While tension headaches, Cervicogenic (relating to your neck) headaches, and Migraines account for over 90 percent of all headaches, other less common types of headaches do exist, including TMJ headaches and sinus headaches. Very rarely, some headaches are due to more serious conditions such as cerebral aneurysm, brain tumor, stroke, TIA, meningitis and encephalitis.

Headaches can vary in cause, severity, trigger factors, location, frequency and duration. The intensity of headaches can range from an occasional feeling of dull pressure behind the eyes, to a constant throbbing and stabbing pain behind the eyes and in the temple regions. For most people, even a mild headache will elicit the feeling of hyperirritability, fatigue and the inability to perform their daily functions.

The fact is, Migraine headaches, Tension headaches and Cervicogenic headaches, can all be effectively managed, and in many cases prevented to re-occur through a combination treatment program including massage therapy, exercise, good posture practice and relaxation breathing exercises.


With advancement in digital electronic technology, medical engineers have been able to develop a new class of electronic muscle massage stimulators that are designed to replace many of the older traditional devices used by the health professionals. These new electronic stimulators will send a gentle pulse to stimulate the nerves and muscles. They simulate different massage techniques to sooth the muscles and to promote blood and nerve circulation. The main advantage of these new innovations is that they are small, portable and effective. The use of digital circuitry enable the engineers to develop pocket size stimulators that will give equal power and effective similar or even better than the larger, more expensive traditional medical devices.

The ability to relieve a Migraine and other common forms of headaches at any time through the use of a home stimulator makes these new electronic devices a must-have for anyone suffering from recurrent headaches.

Recent studies have found that a new digital stimulator massager developed by a pain and headache specialist Dr. Michael Ho is effective in relieving most headaches within 20 minutes. The studies on DR-HO'S™ MUSCLE MASSAGE THERAPY SYSTEM show the following benefits:

    1. Relief of muscle tension and spasm dramatically within 20 minutes of use.
    2. Significant relief of pain within 20 minutes.
    3. Increased oxygen level in tissues during and after the 20 minutes stimulation, indicating an increase in blood circulation.
    4. Increased muscle strength after 20 minutes of massage.
    5. Increased neck and lower back range of movement significantly after 20 minutes.

All subjects in these studies suffered from chronic headaches, neck pain and lower back pain. Dr. Michael Ho encourages his own patients to use his DR-HO'S™ MUSCLE MASSAGE THERAPY SYSTEM regularly to re-educate the nerves and muscles and to restore their normal tone. Repeated usage can correct the cause of many recurrent Migraine, Tension, T.M.J., and Cervicogenic headaches.


We offer a 30-day risk free trial, and guarantee that Headache patients will experience significant relief in just 20 minutes for their muscle tension and painful conditions. With repeated usage, the DR-HO'S™ MUSCLE MASSAGE THERAPY SYSTEM will give patients immediate and long-term relief. Since the development of the device (4 years ago), hundreds of thousands of people with different painful conditions have already been relieved by the

For more information, check out Dr.Ho’s web site, www.drhonow.com. Not sure if this product is for you? To find out more about Headaches, read on.


Although the medical community classifies headaches by name, the common types of headaches have similar causes of pain.

  • Tight muscles at the back of the neck will cause Tension headaches at the occipital (back of head) region.
  • Irritation of the upper nerves (C-1, C-2) at the back of the neck will cause Cervicogenic headaches, where pain can be experienced at the occipital (back of head) region, temporal (side of head) and retro-orbital (behind the eyes) region. The pain can occur unilaterally (one side of head) or bilaterally (both side of head). Tight muscles at the back of the upper neck and side of the neck can irritate these upper nerves of the neck and also affect the balance of the autonomic nervous system. This in turn can affect the contraction and dilation of the arteries that supply blood to the head. The abnormal contraction and dilation of these blood vessels can cause severe Migraine-like symptoms.
  • Migraine headache symptoms are very similar to the symptoms associated with Cervicogenic headaches. Migraines tend to be unilateral (one sided), and can be triggered by excessive stress, neck strain, menstruation, food allergies, sleeping in on weekends, lack of sleep, or an offending smell. The pain is described as sharp, piercing, throbbing in nature and feels like a hot poker in behind the eye on the effected side.
  • T.M.J. related headaches cause pain at the jaw joint just in front of the ear. The pain can radiate up the temple region on one or both sides. T.M.J. headaches are often associated with neck and upper back tension.

Anyone suffering from either acute or recurrent headaches should consult a doctor for proper diagnosis. Headache medication can provide some temporary relief, but long-term use can cause ill side effects. Medications tend to dull the sensation of pain, but they do not correct the cause of the headaches. Medication for headaches is not the treatment of choice for long-term management.

The causes of most headaches can be reversed. Even severe recurrent headaches will respond positively and rapidly to the right corrective approach. In order to give immediate relief, correct the cause, and prevent the headaches from recurring, it is essential to restore normal functions in the neck.

Corrective treatments for common headaches should produce the following results:

  • Relax the sub occipital muscles at the upper back part of the neck to take pressure off the C-1 and C-2 nerves.
  • Relax the lower neck and upper shoulder muscles to restore head, neck and shoulder postural alignment.
  • Stimulate and promote nerve and blood circulation from the neck to the head.
  • Restore joint motion in the neck.
  • Use proper posture and body mechanics to prevent straining of neck muscles.
  • Avoid activities or foods that triggers or aggravate the headaches.

One of the most effective treatments for headache is massage therapy. Many clinical studies have shown that massage therapy will provide immediate and long-term relief for the Migraine, Tension headaches, Cervicogenic headaches and T.M.J. headaches. Many electrotherapeutic devices use by Physiotherapist, Chiropractors and pain management specialist are highly effective for relaxing the muscles while stimulating the nerve and blood circulation.

DR-HO'S™ MUSCLE MASSAGE THERAPY SYSTEM works to relieve muscle tension and pain extremely quickly. The pulse wave and frequencies are modeled after 12 different professional therapeutic devices that are commonly used in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy clinics. The DR-HO SYSTEM is a major advancement in the field of pain relieving devices, and is programmed to change methods of stimulation every few seconds to prevent the body from adapting to the same stimulation, which is a common problem with most electrical stimulating devices. With DR-HO'S™ MUSCLE MASSAGE THERAPY SYSTEM, the more it is used, the more effective it becomes.

The system is clinically tested and is scientifically proven to perform the following:

  • Dramatically relieve muscle tension after 20 minutes of use.
  • Dramatically relieve pain after 20 minutes of use.
  • Increase oxygen level in the tissues during and after the 20-minute massage treatment.
  • Increase muscle strength after 20 minutes of use.
  • Increase range of motion in the neck, shoulder and lower back after 20 minutes of use.

The DR-HO'S™ MUSCLE MASSAGE THERAPY SYSTEM is portable, easy to use and safe to use. Patient are recommended to utilize the system 3 to 5 times per day. There are no chemicals involved, so there are no drug interactions or overuse concerns. The system can be used almost anywhere on the body as needed. There is a detailed instruction manual and video, which is included to show you how to get fast effective relief for over 20 major body areas. On this instructional video, Dr. Michael Ho also demonstrates very specific rehabilitation exercises for each major body part. Patient should also use DR-HO before bedtime to massage their upper neck, sub-occipital region to help relieve their headaches and to induce a deeper sleep.


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