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These extra large (5" x 3") massage and muscle toning pads are great for toning those trouble spots like your abs, hips, buttocks and the back of your arms. They also cover a large area and deliver fast, effective pain relief for your large muscle groups, like the shoulders, lower back and legs.

"I find the new Flex tone pads are great for my lower back. I use them when I drive home after my hockey games to relax my lower back muscles. My wife is also using them for toning her abs and hips after having our first baby. She also wants to Thank You!"

G. Cookson, Mississauga, Ontario


Click here to order using our secure order form

Click here to order using our secure order formDR-HO'S™ DOUBLE MASSAGE SYSTEM

is the latest innovation for relieving muscle tension and pain. It is a professional device used by Chiropractors and Physiotherapist. It was developed by Dr. Michael Ho, a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist at his Pain and Headache Clinic in Toronto, Canada for his patients. This digital massage system is programmed to provide 12 different relaxation massage techniques. The device is small enough to put inside your shirt pocket but is powerful enough to provide instant relief to tense muscles that are deep and chronically tight. The original DR-HO'S™ MUSCLE MASSAGE SYSTEM is equipped with a single (1) port that powers two (2) self adhesive gel pads. The new DR-HO'S™ DOUBLE MASSAGE SYSTEM is equipped with dual (2) ports to power four (4) adhesive gel pads at the same time. Now you can treat different body area at one time or you can share a soothing relaxation massage with another person at the same time. It's like doubling your pleasure and relief in half the time.

The DR-HO'S™ DOUBLE MASSAGE SYSTEM is very easy and safe to operate:

  1. Moisten the self adhesive gel pads, wait 60 seconds, stick them on to the skin over your tense or painful area.
  2. Click on the power dial.
  3. Very slowly increase the intensity until you feel the most soothing and relaxing massage action. It actually feels like hands inside your muscles massaging those tense and painful areas deep in the muscle layers.
  4. You can select three separate modules of massage patterns depending whether you like a very deep, vigorous massage or a very gentle, soothing massage. Each module will provide four varieties of simulated massage techniques. Module one will feel like thumb kneading, palm kneading, finger tapping, and percussion. Module two will feels like pounding, chopping, cupping and oscillating squeezing. Module three feels like gentle fingers lightly rubbing the muscles, then lightly squeezing the muscles, followed by a stronger squeeze and then the muscles will be lifted and finally the muscle will let go and become totally relaxed.
  5. Set the automatic timer for 10 or 20 minutes. DR-HO'S™ DOUBLE MASSAGE SYSTEM will shut off automatically.
There are many unique features that makes the DR-HO'S™ DOUBLE MASSAGE SYSTEM to be one of the most effective devices for relieving muscle tension and pain.
  • It is very powerful and comfortable. It can relieve muscle tension and pain that is very deep and chronic.
  • It provides a variety of 12 different massage techniques that are constantly changing so your body will never adapt to just one type of massage. Many other professional devices that cost thousands of dollars more, do not have this very unique feature which makes DR-HO'S™ DOUBLE MASSAGE SYSTEM much more effective.
  • Safe and easy to use. DR-HO'S™ DOUBLE MASSAGE SYSTEM is powered by only 2 AAA alkaline batteries and is certified by the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) and the National Research Testing Laboratory (UL). It is very small and portable, and can be used anywhere, anytime.

Use it at work, while travelling, before and after any physical activity or sports events. For chronic and severe conditions, you can use DR-HO'S™ DOUBLE MASSAGE SYSTEM several times per day to speed up maximum recovery. There's no worry about over using DR-HO'S™ because their is no drugs or chemicals involved. You don't have to worry about any chemical side effects. It's a great alternative to get relief for your muscle tension and pain over potentially harmful ingestable chemicals. The system comes with a full instructional video that demonstrates proper placement of the massage pads, body positioning and corrective exercises for over 20 different body areas. It's like having Dr. Michael Ho doing a house call for you and your family anytime you want. You have to try it to experience how good it feels and how well you can function after using DR-HO'S™ DOUBLE MASSAGE SYSTEM.

Summary of benefits with DR-HO'S™ DOUBLE MASSAGE SYSTEM:

  1. relax muscle spasm and loosen up tense muscles.
  2. improve blood and nerve circulation.
  3. relieve pain and inflammation.
  4. restore movements in stiff joints.
  5. stimulate nerves and muscles for tissue recovery.
  6. saves you time and money.
The best way to know whether DR-HO'S™ will work for you is to try it in the comfort of your home. Use it several times per day, everyday if you have a chronic problem. Chances are, it will change your life.You might be able the do the things you want to in life again. There is no risk in trying, you have my personal 30 days money back guarantee. If you do not like it for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price. For detail of our friendly return policy, please read the return policy portion of our web site.

30 day money-back guarantee

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